Useful maternity fashion tips for those pregnantistas (and not a Breton stripe in sight)

Pregnancy is by default associated with female sexuality — so up until the early 20th century, pregnant mothers masked their growing bumps. These days women embrace the bump and gone are the days of baggy, tent-like dresses with neck-bows and contrast collars.

I personally didn’t invest much on maternity wear whilst pregnant with my first son, Jesse. Now fortunate to be pregnant again with our second child due in December, I’ve picked up a few useful tricks and tips for anyone embarking on the 8 week bloat stage, and wanting to get through the next few months without investing too much in new clobber – you may not wear again! Saving your pennies for the home & baby.

The hairband jean trick
For when things are getting a little snug in the tummy region, I found a hairband works best for this. Thread one end of the band through the buttonhole and then again through the other end of the hairband. Then wrap the loop around the button. This will help in the first trimester.

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Buy big
Shops like ASOS and Primark are great for this. I purchased a couple of simple dresses in the next two sizes up. You can always wear these again after with a belt and they won't cost the earth.

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Bandana Scarves

My love affair with bandana scarves continues, I have a little box full of them at the top of my wardrobe. The easiest way to accessorize an outfit, tie to a bag or pop in your hair.

A little extra length

Finding tops that still fit, but just that bit too short? A cheap belly band is great for this and for a fiver each, you can’t complain.

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As your tummy grows, you will need breathing room for your baps. There’s no getting around this one, your wangers are going to get bigger!
I invested in duo black and white packs, for some ladies a decent bra fitting might be the only way – nothing worse than being uncomfortable.

maternity bras nookoo

Brilliant basics
I have to admit, some of these you may need to borrow from the other halves, although these days most stores offer great unisex t-shirts, invest in a decent white black or white tee and a comfy jumper  – I found Arket and Uniqlo to offer the best ones.

The large bag

Get used to carrying big, you’re going to have a big mum bag for quite sometime.
At nookoo we stock a great chevron bag made of woven coated straw with grey lining, making it super lightweight.

nookoo chevron bag for maternity leave

Maternity jeans
I would say these are worth the investment, I found the over-the-bump version more comfy. I purchased a pair from H&M had them taken up slightly to alter them into a little crop kick flare.
Topshop are also great at bringing out new colours and styles regularly.

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Jazzy statement shoes

Just because you can’t see your feet, doesn’t mean others can’t. Something that’s comfortable, affordable and a bit out of the norm can make a great addition to a plain dress without sacrificing style.
Whether you go for a Women’s Stan Smith Bold Sneakers, a metallic Superga, or why not try a pair of yellow suede shoesies?

nookoo maternity blog yellow shoes

Most of all, a little confidence and creativity will take you a long way. Limit the amount of specific “maternity” clothes you buy, you may not wear them ever again.

What were, or are your go-to maternity fashion items?